Monday, August 20, 2012

The Ooglieloves's Marketing Visionary

We went to the circus on Sunday.  Before the loud music started, before the tigers tried to eat their trainer (but only managed to break his stick in half), before the dwarf in the silly outfit acted like a child for pitying laughs, something happened that was…  Odd.

A man in a spangly outfit came out with four dancers.  He yelled to the crowd:

“All the kids stand up!  I’m going to teach you the Oogieloves dance!”

I looked around the brightly-lit auditorium.  Of the thousands of people in attendance, I didn’t see one kid stand up.  Two parents held their babies in the air, but that may have been to stop them from vomiting on them.

“Grown ups stand up if you’re still kids at heart!”

Again, no takers in the room.  Wow, tough crowd.

The man in the spangles and the four women dancers sang and danced.  I commented to my friend that it was an awfully complicated dance for kids to remember.  Without warning, the singers and dancers all cheered and left the stage.  Then I found something on my chair that was even more… Odd.

It’s an ad for a movie called The Oogieloves.  It’s a bit hard to read, but the top of the ad says:

From the marketing visionary who introduced us to TELETUBBIES, THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE, and ELOISE.

I found that a bit mind blowing.  Is that the best they could do to convince my kids to want to see this creepy looking movie?  “Hey Daddy!  Oogieloves’s marketing is done by the same guy who did the marketing for those other kid’s shows!  I love marketing!  And I loved that loser and his dancers who did that pathetic song and dance thing at the beginning of the show!”

Okay, kids.  You know I can’t say no when you put it that way.

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