Friday, August 31, 2012

Stuff I Found Awesome This Week

Here's some things I saw this week I just had to take pictures of.

Best Parents Ever?
At the Valley Fair Shopping Center in Santa Clara, California is a "family restroom."  The hallway leading to the restroom is decorated with tiles, hand-painted by young children.  In the midst of pictures of trees and environmental warnings, I found this tile.
"have you seen my ztapler?"
Kurt (Kunt?), your parents deserve an award.

I walk around in my house wearing socks (and nothing else).  The other day, I stepped on something sharp.  When I finally found it in the carpet, I thought it was a sharp seed pod.  However, on closer examination, it revealed itself to be a tiny dragon skull.
Dragons live among us, and they're teensy!
If the dragons are that small, how small are fairies?

Half a Man
I woke one morning to a day warm and sunny enough to open the front door and let the breeze flow through the house.  I was greeted by the sight of the head and shoulders of a man, someone had inconsiderately left on my front walk.
"Um, Dad, do I have to clean that up?"
Upon closer examination, it was just some guy digging a hole in my front yard for no readily apparent reason.
I found this more disturbing than my original assumption.
We Have the Most Tolerant Cats
I really don't have much to say here that isn't covered by the title.
Moments later, she mauled my child.
ColdStone Tells It Like It Is
You know how those old kid's cereal ads used to say "It's part of this balanced breakfast!" and show you a picture of a complete meal that would be healthier without the cereal?
"Nutritional supplements are BS!"
Yeah, I wish all companies that sold supplements were this honest.


RF said...

Apparently you had an interesting week. I wonder what the weekend brought. By the way, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop by the blog my friends and I have.

Matthew Kagle said...

A blog? Feh. Who reads blogs anymore?