Thursday, August 30, 2012

Presidential Candidate Contract

As with any election year, I’m grumpy most of the time.  Political races are painful to me, because they’re more hand waving than substance.  Here’s a contract I wish all presidential candidates would sign.

I am expected to run on wedge issues instead of my ability to serve, but I will not stoop that low.  Here is what I’m promise.  If elected, I will not:

·         Become involved in the wedge issues that divide our country.

·         Introduce legislation that has no chance of passing for the sole purpose of riling up my base.

·         Fail to act even if it might cost me re-election.

·         Pick nominees to the Supreme Court based on their political leanings.  I will choose them based on their experience.

·         Belittle any Americans for any reason, especially their political leanings, career choices, gender, race, orientation, religious beliefs, economic class, education, country of origin, or choices in entertainment.  We’re all “real Americans.”

·         Pander to extremists of any stripe.

·         Forget that most of my job is to work with people who hate my guts.

If elected I will:

·         Govern the country to the best of my ability.



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