Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kids These Days

Nostalgia is a terrible thing.

Let's face it, by today's standards, Doom sucks.
Yes, it's good to remember your younger days fondly, but it tends to make us view the present generation with envious rancor.  It makes us want to "turn back the clock" and undo the present.

Now that's a REAL game!
We never seem to see how much better our children are off now.

Here's one that really annoyed me.
We forget all the childhood illnesses we eradicated, the dangers we locked away, the evils we destroyed.

Nice ride, kid.  Here, go play with some fireworks.
Nostalgia blinds us to how much happier and healthier our children are than we were.

Hell, no, we won't glow!
Most of all, we forget how much work we did to make this world better.  Yes, sometimes we failed, but we won most of those battles.  If my children never know the fear of nuclear annihilation like I did, polio like my parents did, then I gave them an awesome childhood.

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