Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun With Freecycle: Artistic Masterpiece Train Table

I know what you're wondering about the picture above:
  • Is that a beautiful landscape on a table?
    No.  It's a child's table for trains.  It's just so beautifully painted (by a machine!) that it looks like the works of Thomas Cole.
  • Why is it inside and yet on grass?
    That's a green carpet.  It's just so beautifully woven (by a machine that works for Ikea!) that it looks like grass.
  • What's that brush-shaped thingy in the upper-left?
    It's my cat's tail.  We gave her a lion cut because we secretly want her to be embarrassed around her friends.
  • I must have it.  Is it for sale?
    My cat?  No!  My wife would never forgive me.  Well, we could pretend she ran away when I opened the door. 
  • No, not the cat!
    You sure?  I'd let her go for cheap.  What if I throw in a green rug from Ikea?
  • No, I want the train table!  I must have it.
    Oh, that.  Yeah, sure.  You can have it for free.  Less if you take the carpet and the cat.
  • Can I see it from other angles?
    The carpet?  It kinda looks the same from any direction.
  • No, the table!
    Oh!  Fine.
3/4 view
Close up on the pockets to hold toys.

So, yeah, you can have it for free.  Just think about what I said about the cat.

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