Monday, July 9, 2012

What's Wrong With This Country

This is the Provincetown, Massacuhusetts airport.

It's a tiny airport with a tiny parking lot filled with taxis who always arrive right before the airplanes land.  There are so few airplanes, they know exactly how many planes land by heart.  They also seem to have a good idea of how many people are in each plane, which isn't hard because the planes are all tiny.

Inside, the airport is one big room.  Sure, there's a bathroom.  Sure, there's a few, glass walls around a security area.  Sure, there's a separate area with vending machines and a puzzle set out on a table for flyers to put together while they wait.  Mostly, it's one room.

In this room is:
  • One painting
    with an explanation by the painter about how the painting is of 'historical interest'
  • One airline (Cape Air)
    with a single employee behind the desk 
  • One rental car agency (Enterprise)
    with a single, unusually hot blonde sitting at the desk
  • One runway employee
    who stands in the hot sun, directs the pilots where to park, digs all the luggage out of the airplanes, and drags them over to the waiting passengers all by herself
  • One police officer
    who just seems to sit at her kiosk
  • And four, count 'em four, TSA agents
I don't think anyone who comes to this blog has any illusions about my political leanings.  I've been a liberal my whole life.  Government has flaws, but can solve problems private citizens and corporations can't or won't.  Taxes don't make me wet my bed.  People should be free to do anything they want with their doctors and bodies and bedrooms.

But, four TSA agents?  The planes that land at Provincetown don't even carry four passengers each!

Perhaps the conservatives aren't wrong about everything.  Government can be wasteful.

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