Friday, July 13, 2012

Religious Pick-Up Lines

Recently a friend posted that there were a lot of women at his church, but he didn’t feel comfortable asking them out in that venue.  He insisted there’s no good pickup line you can use in a church.

Oh yeah?

Christian: Maybe it’s the blood of Christ talking, but you look amazing.

Muslim: I don’t know which direction Mecca is.  Can I pray towards you?

Hindu: The whole world is a single family, but I’d consider incest for you.

Jewish: You’re one of my chosen people.

Buddhist: If I can’t receive enlightenment, can I become one with you?

Atheist: I don’t believe in God, but you were divinely created.

Wiccan: Are you a curse?  I’d love you to come back to me six times.

Unitarian: I’m searching for spiritual growth.  I grow a lot when I look at you.


Patrick Tinkham, FCD said...

I LOLed at that last one.

Matthew Kagle said...

Thanks. My favorite is the first one.