Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pledge of Wheelchair

I'm sick of this cartoon. Really, really sick and tired of it. I'm not annoyed just beacause it keeps popping up, months after I figured everyone finished posting it to Facebook. It's because it's saying something different from what people think it is saying.

This man was injured so you could be free.  Now I'm going to ridicule you for having that freedom.
What makes it all the more absurd is that it's in defense of the Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge of Allegiance! That run-on sentence that all children are made to recite without ever discussing its meaning.

Listen to kids recite it in school one day. They recite it like a song, all with the same cadence, the same emphasis, the same emotionless tone. It's almost like the kids become mindless automatons while they say it. Maybe we could let the kids modify the Pledge to fit their own personality.

*GASP* What was I thinking?

Oh, no, of course not. What would people say if our children didn't act like hypnotized subjects of a science-fiction dystopia every morning in class?
This is what we do to atheists who don't say the "under God" part.
I expect there are those who will accuse me of attacking American soldiers with this post. However, as I have veterans in my family who suffered from the actions of a certain political party, I expect most of those attacks will sound hollow.
I'm a self-important jingoistic moron!  But I voted for tax cuts, so this guy can't get health care!
Not to mention the suffering caused to teachers because of that same political philosophy. Am I wrong? Are teachers amply compensated for their expertise?
Ever since "no child left behind" we have enough money to sponsor homeless vets!
Are teachers being given freedom to teach what they need to? Are parents supportive of letting teachers deviate from the curriculum?
Since your parents can't make PTA meetings I plan to humiliate you instead of teach.
One of the reasons my son is in a charter school is because there's more academic freedom. I haven't been in a public school for a long time. I expect they're a bit like
Governor Walker broke up our union.  So here's your new P.E. teacher.

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