Monday, July 30, 2012

GOP Problems

When people come to my site, they're looking for one of two things:
  1. Nude pictures of fringe celebrities.
  2. Jokes making fun of Republicans.
I have number 1 covered pretty well.  I Can Write Funny has become the "go to site" for naked pictures of the relatively obscure Kardashians (Koka Kola, Katamaran, and Khamber of Komerce).  It's number 2 that I'm having trouble with.
 Insert joke about my dietary habits.
Since my daily hits have dipped below 100 again, I've decided to create a new meme.  Following in the heels of the First World Problems meme and the related 80s Problems meme, I am proud to announce the GOP Problems Meme!  Take it away right wingers!

Push forth dozens of abortion bills.  People keep screaming about jobs.

President is black...  Everything I say sounds racist.

Obama so centrist I have to be extremist just to stand out.

Need another Great Depression to kick him out of office.  Want to stay rich.

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