Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Common Parlance

Common Parlance is a piece I tried to do regularly where I talk about words or phrases I made up that should enter the vernacular.  I haven't done a Common Parlance post for a long time, because it's hard to make a long post about just one term.  Seriously, you try and write a humorous article about use of missiles in Robotech or SUVs in compact spaces.

So, here's the ones I've saved up. 
  • Lose the Boat
    In the pilot to the Battlestar Galactica reboot, I thought I heard a character say that, if they don't do something that will kill a bunch of people, they'll "lose the boat" to fire.  I loved that he called their spaceship a boat and started using the expression "lose the boat" to mean a total failure.

    A while later, I found he had, in fact, said "lose the ship." 
"Blow the hull or I'll make the show end in a stupid way!"

  • Chicago Sushi
    I've only had food poisoning twice in my life.  The worst time was after eating sushi in Chicago.  I've had lots of sushi in my life, but never had any reaction until I ate in Chicago, which made me vomit all night long.  I never ate sushi outside of the San Francisco Bay Area again.  "Chicago sushi" is the term I use to describe anything poisonous, literally or figuratively.
  • Zombie Mall
    A lot of malls nearby have failed.  When you walk through them, the stores are still there, but their signs have been ripped out, leaving only attractive storefronts with no name.  It's like they're still open, but empty and lifeless.  Like a zombie.

  • Penpo
    A penpo is whenever you make a typo while writing.  We really need a word for that.
  • Bloggles
    Actually, I don't know what bloggles means.  I liked the combination of blogger and goggles, but I can't think of a good definition.  Suggestions?

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