Friday, July 27, 2012

Business Sense

Above is a picture of Miranda's Hallmark in Mountain View, California.  It was a cute little shop, but I hardly ever went in because, well, it was a Hallmark store.  Who the heck needs paper cards and Christmas ornaments that look like smiling cats?

Eventually, the store owners realized nobody needed a Hallmark store and shut down.  The windows were papered over, and I wondered what would become of the space.  A restaurant?  Maybe a hair salon?  Nope.  Look at the picture more closely.
Opening Here Soon Steve's Hallmark
They shut down the Hallmark store and put up another Hallmark store.  It seemed stupid, but they were doing a lot of construction inside, so I figured they were going to put in an improved Hallmark store.  A few months passed and Steve's Hallmark opened.  Would you like a picture of the new place?

You don't need one.  Look at the first picture.  Steve's Hallmark is absolutely identical to Miranda's Hallmark.

The next time someone tells you that the government screws everything up, and we should privatize services to make them more efficient, show them the pictures above. 

Businesses aren't efficient.  Nobody is.

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