Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach Day

Things to bring to the beach:
  • Hats
    Preferably with wide brims to keep your face from turning red and peeling.
  • Sunblock
    See above.
  • Umbrella
    Sunblock and hats are never enough.
  • Towels
    Two per person.  One to sit on.  One to dry off with.  You can't mix the two or you'll rub sand all over yourself.
  • Bug spray
    The beach has biting flies and mosquitoes who all want to cover you with itchy welts for the whole vacation.
  • Reading material
    When you get bored of swimming.
  • Writing/drawing material
    When you get bored of reading and swimming.
  • Video game
    When your kids get bored of swimming.
  • Swimsuit
    Swimming in your undies is frowned upon.
  • Swim shirt
    Officially, because the water is cold and to protect from the sun.  Secretly, because you look like a fat, hairy lump with your shirt off.
  • Sandals
    Closed shoes trap sand against your feet and trail sand through the whole house.
  • Kid toys
    Inflatables, sand shovels and buckets, molds, toy trucks, spinners, etc.  You can never have enough.
  • Sand chairs
    There's no good way to carry them, but it's nice to have something to sit on with a back.
  • Cell phone
    For emergencies (such as "I'm stuck on the beach!  I need an excuse to leave.").
  • Ice cream money
    For those trucks that come around.
  • Snacks for kids
    In case the trucks don't come around.
  • Snacks for grown-ups
    So they don't eat the kid's snacks or ice cream.
  • Watch
    So you know when you've pretended to have fun long enough and are allowed to go home.
  • Bags to hold everything
    See above.
Things not to bring to the beach:
  • Me


Mark CMG said...

I am not a beach person either. Never have been.

Matthew Kagle said...