Friday, June 15, 2012

Uhura's Sexy Legs

There's something that's been bothering me for a while about the new Star Trek franchise.  No, it's not that the movie said a supernova would destroy the galaxy.  No, it's not that Kirk took command of the Enterprise because nobody else wanted to do it.  It's not that the movie has another nonsensical time-travel plot. 
It's the skirt.

In the olden days, we believed women were girls.  Girls were controlled by their ovaries.  Girls were weak and helpless and need to be protected (if they were hot and innocent).  The original Star Trek show was one of the first attempts to change that view of women by showing them in positions of power.
A woman first officer?  No way!
By showing them having jobs other than serving food and squeezing out children.
Uhura in yellow?  No way!
Of course, they often failed when they pushed against traditional roles.  The female first officer was replaced by a man.  Uhura spent an awful lot of time trying to get Spock to teach her the Pon Farr. 
Is it Amok Time yet?  What about now?
Still, the point is, Star Trek was a step forward.
See, she's stepping forward.  Get it?  Subtle humor.
Except for the skirt.  For some reason, Roddenberry insisted on putting the female officers in skirts.
To be fair, not all the officers.  Not the one with glowing eyes who can shoot lightning.
But it was the 60s and the show was failing.  Uhura's sexy legs were a big selling point. 
And it could have been far worse.
Eventually, our culture matured.  Women pushed to be treated better and, in many cases, succeeded.  When the original movies came out, they put Uhura in pants.
Although the aging cast might have had something to do with that.
Then came the reboot, and what do they do?

Nice pants you got there.
Uhura's back in a skirt.  Why?  Well, she still has sexy legs.  The problem is, it's just silly to have her in a skirt in this day and age.  Look, here's a picture from the next movie.
"OMG, like surrender before I have to shoot this gun thingy!"
The actress is trying to be all badass, but, in that skirt, she looks like a cheerleader holding a Nerf gun.  It's just impossible to take anyone seriously if she looks like she might scream "K-I-R-K spells Kirk!  Yay team!"

Lose the skirt guys.  Except on Scotty.  I'd pay good money to see him running around in a kilt.  Of course, I have issues.

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