Thursday, June 14, 2012

Name's Mogh. Worf Son of Mogh.

Quick quiz, which Star Trek character is the worst to fall in love with? Kirk, because he finds a new woman every other episode?
Riker, because he's required to have sex for diplomacy?
Janeway, because of her creepy, creepy voice?
 No.  The correct answer is Worf.  Worf is the worst Star Trek character to be in a relationship with.

Worf is the James Bond of the Star Trek universe; all the women want to sleep with him and it never ends well.

Let's look at his track record, shall we?

Best known for: Getting aroused by her own blood.
Relationship summary in her own words: "Remember me?  Let's have sex.  No, I can't marry you!  Bye!  I'm back, by the way, here's our son.  Hey, why is Duras holding that sword?  Urk!  Take care of my whiny son."
Relationship ended: When she died.

Deanna Troi
Best known for: Hair that looked like a cat's scratching post in season 1.
Relationship summary in her own words: "Wait, you like me because we were married in an alternate universe?  That's fucked up.  Plus I've been involved with your best friend!  Okay, let's date. I sense you're no longer into me.  What do you mean you got a better job?  Where are you going?"
Relationship ended: When Worf took a job millions of light years away from her as quickly as he could.

Jadzia Dax
Best known for: Dating Derek Chester.
Relationship summary in her own words: "You're Klingon?  I think Klingons are hot; let's have violent, kinky sex.  Let's get married.  Why is Dukat glowing?  Urk!  Take care of my whiny symbiote."
Relationship ended: When she died.

Ezri Dax
Best known for: Being the hot one on the show for all of thirty seconds.
Relationship summary in her own words: "Hey, you used to date my other body!  You want to have sex?  Hm, I think I'll just date your best friend.  Bye!"
Relationship ended: When she realized things weren't going to end well and ditched him.

My suggestion is, if you ever find yourself in a Star Trek episode, don't date Worf.  Also, you know, don't wear red.

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