Friday, June 22, 2012

Communist Pigs at Happy Hollow

I was at the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo's "Feasts with the Beasts" event last night. The guys who provide animals to Jack Hannah and others were there promoting Happy Hollow's conservation efforts."Seriously?" I thought.  "That tiny petting zoo is a conservation effort?"
After his talk, the head guy was walking around with a small monkey on his shirt.  Following my child, I stepped in his path, and he looked at me with a "Would you like to ask me about the monkey who's been peeing on me for the last hour?" look on his face.
"Sorry," I said, pointing to the bronze statue my son was playing with.  "We just wanted to look at the Communist pigs."

 "The what?"

"The Communist pigs statue.  See the statue of the Three Little Pigs?  The third pig is building his house out of dollar bills and coins.  And see the wolf with all the money?"

"See what he has in his pocket?" I said.
"The mortgage?" he said.  "That's funny.  But why is that communist?"
"Look at the other two pigs.  See, they're holding a hammer and sickle."
He laughed.
"I mean, okay," I said.  "They're the pigs who built houses out of straw and wood, but still.  You have to admit it's an odd coincidence they had them holding those things.  And look at the other statues."
"There's a bird sitting on a money tree."

"And a cow in high heels eating dollar bills and pooping coins.  I don't know what any of it means, but it makes me wonder about Happy Hollow's donors."
"Communist pigs!" he said, and laughed.  Then he walked off. 
The money on his shoulder squinted at me for a moment as if to say "You should have just asked him a question!" 
Then he peed on the man again.

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