Friday, June 1, 2012

"Ain't No Homos" Song - FULL LYRICS

I'm sure, like me, you were completely charmed by the above clip on YouTube.  It's heartening to see youngsters reading the Bible in all its original glory.  Most of the Biblical material kids get these days has been "Bowdlerized" to make it more palatable to a liberal audience.

Look at this page at the end of one of my son's books.
I feel dirty just looking at this.
"Child Friendly?"  What's more child-friendly than the unadulterated word of God?  Sure, there's a few mass-rapes, some incest, and the occasional sacrifice of a virginal daughter, but it's still what God wants us to hear.

That's why, when I heard the little boy in the above video had sung three more verses of the song (but they didn't post it because of death threats), I had to post the rest of the lyrics: 
In Psalm 23, David said “Lord fill my cup.”
First Timothy 2 says, bitch you shut up.

"Obey pervert masters," says First Peter to the slave,
In Ephesians 5, "Your husband’s God, so behave."

I won’t shut up, if you stuff my mouth with a sock.
I’m just this way ‘cuz my mom’s a bigot.
Don’t be a hater. Don’t follow, don’t stalk.
Psalm 137 says smash my head with a rock.
Hopefully, we can see the rest of the video, soon.  If not now, maybe in a few years when the kid or his parents are behind bars for hate crimes.

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