Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Things

A while ago, a friend of mine (Hi Elly!) described my blog as me writing about “things that annoy him.”  I argued with that definition.  My blog is not about things that annoy me; it’s about me being funny!  It’s about being funny by making fun of other people… who… annoy me…

Okay, fine.

Here’s two things that have been pissing me off today.

Thing One: Obama Osama
A group of Navy Seals have made an ad about how President Obama didn’t kill Osama bin Laden, our soldiers did.

The problem with this argument is that it works both ways.  Osama bin Laden evaded the United States for years.  Does that mean our soldiers failed until then?  On September 11th, terrorists flew airplanes into buildings.  Does that mean our Air Force interceptor pilots failed?  What about the three thousand people the New York firefighters couldn’t rescue?  Did the firefighters fail, too?

I don’t mean to condone Obama’s playing the “dead terrorist card,” but you have to admit it’s better than the “living terrorist card.”
Worst game of Go Fish ever.
And while we’re at it, are active-duty soldiers allowed to criticize the Commander In Chief?  Are they allowed to criticize anyone else in the chain of command?  That seems like a dangerous precedent.
Sir, I think you’re an idiot, sir.
Thing Two: No Bad Students
I’m sure you know the old adage: “There are no bad students, only bad teachers.” 

This is what most leading scientists call “a load of horseshit.”
Before you repeat this adage, try teaching a few classes.  Here’s what I found in my few years as a college professor:
  • A few students work very hard.  It’s the duty of a teacher to give them as much information and encouragement as possible and then stand the hell back.
  • A few students don’t know what they’re doing.  In this case, a teacher should give them structure, guidance, and push them forward.
  • The rest of the students couldn’t give a fuck.  They don’t show up to class.  They don’t do homework.  They send messages to their friends during lectures and discussions.
I once had a student apologize to me for not showing up to class or doing his homework because a new video game had come out and he couldn’t stop playing it.  What does a good teacher do in that situation?  A good teacher does the same thing a bad teacher does: let the student fail on his own merits.

If I may quote a man I admire greatly (me):
“No, I’m not going to fail you.  I’m going to let life do it for me.”


Anonymous said...

Sergeant, you're coming in broken and stupid, over.

Love that last quote. Pure Genius.

Matthew Kagle said...

Yeah, I'm usually not quick on the draw like that.