Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Serinda Swan Naked

Last year, I posted this picture of a woman in a bikini on my post about... Well, women in bikinis.  It turns out to have been one of my most popular posts.  People have been visiting my site looking for humorous, yet incisive views on human sexuality and how...
No, I can't pull that off.  People have been visiting my website looking for pictures of her naked.  The woman in the bikini is named Serinda Swan and she's famous for...
I can't figure out what she's famous for.  She had a minor role in the last Tron movie as "Blonde Chick Who Dies Halfway Through" and that's about it.  Somehow, though, she's popular enough that one stray picture of her gets me a hundred extra hits a month.
I guess she's pretty memorable for all thirty seconds she's in the movie.
This is a similar situation to one I found myself in last year after posting an extremely popular article about money in games.  Eventually, I realized it was incredibly popular because it had one picture of the infamous Hot Coffee mod.
And this one got me a couple thousand hits.
I must admit I'm torn.  On the one hand, I don't want my site to become popular because of the occasional cheesecake photo.  On the other hand...

Ah, fuck it.  Here's pictures of obscure actresses in bikinis.

Susan Oliver, who was in the pilot for Star Trek.  I think she played an alien in this scene.
Amy Acker, whom you only know if you know who Joss Whedon is.
Madchen Amick who used to be in Twin Peaks.
Yunjin Kim who's famous in Korea and among lost fans.
And for those who like guys, this is Jared Edwards who does soap operas.


pfalstad said...

I don't remember any nudity in the hot coffee mod.. I think there was another mod that did that.

Matthew Kagle said...

I never played it. I actually hate the GTA games.

drew said...

That blonde chick is not Serinda Swan, she has even a smaller role in tron then the blonde. She's in the room dressing the kid for the Grid. She was one of four including the blonde chick you have on your photo of her. She is the girl who grabs his DISK, brown haired girl.... She is in breakout kings as well and she is FUCKING sexy as hell!!

Matthew Kagle said...

Huh. The blonde shows up in most of the Google images for her, and looks a lot like her, but you seem to be right. How odd. So then who is the blonde?!