Monday, May 7, 2012

Pearls Before Swine

I was at the park this weekend and stopped to look at this statue.  It's a good statue, and it has a lot of meaning. 

This time I noticed an incredibly helpful plaque nearby.
I love this plaque.  I liked how they miscapitalized "memorial," to show how important the Memorial is.  I love that it tells us what our flag represents; I wasn't sure.  I'm glad it told me the baby's name is Liberty.  I had thought its name was something absurd like "Freedom" or "The American Dream."

I loved that they couldn't come up for a name for the soldier (although I bet they spent hours coming up with "Liberty" for the baby) because he's all soldiers.  Before I read the plaque, I figured the soldier only represented Private First Class Ralph DuPre the Third.  Thanks for clearing that up.  Also, thanks for clearing up the fact that the soldier's injury was to show that it's dangerous to be a soldier.  I had thought it meant "It is important to vaccinate!"

Here's another example of helpful explanations in art.  I'd suggest watching with the sound off the first time.
Now watch it a second time with the sound on.  Thanks to the incredibly helpful narration I now know that it's wrong to be a racist.  It was quite an awakening.

Finally, here's a great short film called "The Candy Shop."

I'm kidding.  It's really called "The Candy Shop, a Fairytale About the Sexual Exploitation of Children."  Again, tremendously helpful to know that there was a hidden meaning in the part where they turn little girls into candy for nervous, older men.  I had assumed it was a fairytale about supply-side economics.

By the way, this week's blog entry was about how artists are idiots and should trust their audiences.  Hope that came through.

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