Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lord of the Rings is Stupid

Let's all face facts, here.  The Lord of the Rings books are poorly written.  The first book is 90% descriptions of terrain.  The second book is random and chaotic.  I couldn't even get through the third book, I was so bored by the time I got to it.  However, there is one idiocy that makes all of the others pale in comparison.

No, not the whole: "I can't remember which is Saruman and which is Sauron" thing.
I mean, of course, the concept of the magic ring. 

Oops, I dropped it into lava!
It's ludicrous.  Some great, evil wizard creates a magical device that is the only thing that can destroy him instead of not making it and keeping himself safe?  Why?  How does it make any sense to put all of that power in something you could lose?
Oops, I dropped it into the bath!
Well, okay, yeah, but I can always buy a new one.  All of my data is secure in a SIM or backed up automatically when I connect to-
Oops, I dropped it into a pile of magnets!
Oh.  You know, it has been an awful long time since I backed up my hard disk.

Curse you Frodo!

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