Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun with Freecycle: Display Cases

Let's see, what do you need to know about these display cases?

  • In 2005, my wife and I decided to move to Chicago.  We were making a permanent move, so we sold our condo and bought a new condo in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.  Every condo in Chicago comes with a wine refrigerator and, in our case, three pieces of furniture and a pizza pan.
  • Lincoln Park has "trixies" who sunbathed in the park across the street from our condo.
  • We've made good use of the free pizza pan and entertainment center.  However, these two display cases have sat vacant because...  Well, we don't have anything to display.  All our art can be hung on a wall or will be thrown away when the artist grows up and goes off to college.  We'll also rent out the artist's room.
  • You might be able to persuade my wife to sell you the matching entertainment center.  She says she wants to keep it, but I'll give you her work number if you want to try to persuade her.  Then I'll go hide for a few days because she doesn't like to be bothered at work.
  • Even though we have no use for these cases, we brought them back with us from Chicago when the cold weather and equally cold people drove us back to the Bay Area just under one year later.
  • They're not as heavy as they look, but you should still wear gloves when lifting them from the bottom.  Splinters!
I think that's all the pertinent information.  Oh, wait.
  • 16"x32"x79"

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