Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fun With Freecycle: Amazing Table

this is the greatest table ever created.  I love it so much, I kept it for nearly half my life.  It is a fabulous table from IKEA, which I think is Norwegian for "Makes the most amazing tables you’ve ever seen."

The table is 74” when extended (1/3 for each leaf) and 30” wide.

And it's romantic!
Bow chicka bow wow...

It's pet friendly!

It's in good taste!
It's entertaining!
It's conscientious!
Pretty amazing, isn’t it? To quoth the Bard, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”  If you lift up one side and slide out the legs…
That's right, it gets larger!  And that’s not all.  It works on the other side, too!

Act now to get this table.  Your children will love it!


Julie A Heston said...

I love it, Matthew. How can it be adopted?

Matthew Kagle said...

I'm afraid three other people have already expressed interest. If they drop out, I'll let you know.