Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dutch Gutters

The first place that I owned was a condo on 100 West El Camino Real in Mountain View called Two Worlds.  The Two Worlds complex had won awards for its innovative design.  However, one of the innovations included "dutch gutters."  Unlike standard gutters, dutch gutters are built inside the building, so you don't see them.  In other words, when they leak, you can't tell where the problem is because the gutters are inside your walls.
Normal gutters.  It turns out there are no pictures of Dutch Gutters because you can't see them.
When we had a leak, we called a gutter company recommended by our property management company and asked them to come out to fix the problem.  I waited around for the repair guy for hours, but he didn't come.  I called, they apologized, and we rescheduled.  The next day I waited around for hours, but nobody came.  When I called, they said the repair guy said I should wait until the work he had done yesterday had dried.  I said some very unkind things, and they agreed to send him out again the next day.
This time, the repair guy showed up, found the problem, and fixed it.  When I asked where he had been, he explained he had gone to 100 East El Camino Real (in Belmont) by mistake and fixed the gutters on a Planet Granite climbing store instead.  When he had arrived, the workers just shrugged and let him up on the roof.

"Won't you get in trouble for doing all that work and not being paid for the time?" I said.

"Nah.  We'll bill them.  They'll pay."

This is my new business model.  I'm going to just show up to businesses, claim someone had called me, fix something at random, and send them a bill.  Anyone want to invest?

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