Thursday, May 24, 2012

42 Birthday Part 4/5

The night before my birthday party, I got a call from the pub where we chose to have the party.  It seems there was a World Cup match, they were going to be busy, and wanted to give us a chance to back out.  I assured him we were coming, and he assured me the match would be over by 2pm, when the party was scheduled to start.

Upon arriving at the pub, we found it to be packed wall-to-wall with people.  The head bartender came out to explain that the soccer game had gone into double overtime and then "penalties."  I don't know what penalties are, but they take for frigging ever to complete.  An hour later, the crowd filtered out, and we were able to go inside.

I ordered six pints of bitter (which the server misheard as six pitchers of bitter), and we began the performance.  Two people filmed the sketch, and I patched them together using Microsoft's disappointing, but free, video editing tool.  It's hard to hear, but the script is at this link if you want to follow along.

After that, I distributed the beers, and I performed the ritual spitting over the flaming cakes.

Birthday cake #1: the traditional princess cake.  The 42 has a double meaning.  The exclamation point was added by the bakery for no readily apparent reason.

Cake #2: the less traditional chocolate cake.  Don't Panic has no double meaning.  The exclamation point, once again, added by the Prolific Oven free of charge and without request.
Then, there was only one last celebration in my honor to attend.  Stay tuned until next time for the amazing conclusion of birthday week, true believers!

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