Friday, May 25, 2012

42 Birthday 5/5

On Sunday, we went to a giant fair (excuse me, Fairetm) held in my honor by the publishers of Make Magazine.  It was really sweet of them to do it, and nice of the crowds of inventors, artisans, special interest groups, and local schools for setting up booths.  I'd like to also thank all the attendees (I saw Tim Schaefer from a distance, walking into the bathroom!) who showed up to...

Yeah, okay, I can't pull that one off.  It's just that I had to come up with something to write about.  And we did go to MakerFaire.  It's just that not much interesting happened (other than seeing Tim Schaefer walking into the bathroom).
We followed a train.

My son showed me how to defeat a Dalek.
We chased some amazingly big bubbles.
We found out the bubbles contained some disturbing contents.
Now all that's left is to write all the thank-you cards.  I hate writing thank-you cards, but it's horribly rude not to send them.  To mitigate the pain of writing them, I'm doing limericks this year.  Some examples:

(For a check)
J&D thanks so much for the gift.
I like money and am known for my thrift.
Though lately my money,
Goes all to my honey.
Perhaps spending it wasn’t so swift.

(For the book Goodnight iPad)
Dear L&B Thank you!
I enjoyed your gift through and through.
(Though I don't mean to fight,
You know I'm an anti-luddite?)
And my children are enjoying it, too!

And, as an extra bonus, after getting the thank-you cards, the recipients will probably never buy me anything again!

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