Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random Stuff I Find Amusing

When I see things that make me chuckle, I take a picture.  The things that make me laugh are, obviously different than the things that make other people laugh, so I get a lot of odd looks and restraining orders. 
For example, have these guys ever done ANYTHING funny?
Here's what I've collected in my picture gallery over the last couple weeks.

My son and I are taking a kid's cooking class.  He picked out this apron for me.
Notice the problem?
While there, I noticed this poster on the wall.  And it got me thinking "Does that mean seedless grapes are a vegetable?"
What about bananas?
Taken at a kid's museum in San Jose, California.  I love that they have to put a big sign up for all those hundreds of thousands of people who visit from Dayton, Ohio.
Why do people from Ohio get all the good stuff?!
Found at a Safeway.  For the life of me, I couldn't figure out who the hell this guy was.  It wasn't anywhere on the package.  I only figured it out hours later.
"Scowly Guy" was the star of three Star Wars movies.
This old, burned-down house is only funny because it looks better burned than it ever could have intact.  A shame they wouldn't let me move in.
Also looks like something from a game I'm working on.

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