Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Procrastination Rules

Behold my to do list.

This is one of my to do lists.  This is one of my many to do lists.  However, it's the one nearest my front door, so I look at it the most often.  Now that I'm done with my novel, I devoted myself to getting one thing off my list every day.

The problem is, after a few days, all that's left are the hard ones!  Time for me to suck it up and finish one.  But which?

  • Grass
    The grass in our yard was devastated by the previous owners who had goats, chickens and a miniature horse (you should have seen the inside of the house).  I need to replace all the grass, but am conflicted by what to put in.  Native grass?  No mow grass?  No water grass?  Grass that bites the neighbor's dog when it tries to take a dump in my yard?  Too many choices.  I'll do it later.
  • Flush water heater
    The previous owners of the house never flushed the gunk out of the bottom of the water heater (see Grass, above).  For me to flush it myself, I have to get a garden hose, drag it into the house, hook it up, wait for the heater to cool...  I'll do that later.
  • Paint
    If you have kids, they tend to mess up your walls.  They touch them with oily fingers, scratch them, throw toys at them, etc.  It's best to repaint the house every 3-6 months.  Right now, we're finishing touching up the living room and repainting the kitchen.  It's a big job and, thankfully, one I can't do until my wife gets home.  I'll do it later.
  • GDC Stuff
    I have piles of old Game Developer's Conference notes to transcribe and recordings to listen to.  Problem is, my notes don't all have the titles of the talks or the dates I heard them.  I have no idea how to file them.  Maybe I should do that later.
  • Flux Warden
    Flux Warden is a game I worked on for a few years and put away.  I need to finish it, but (thirty seconds into playing the game) I found a bug that crashed the game.  It's going to take days to re-familiarize myself with the code.  I'll do that later.
  • Big George
    Big George was my giant stuffed tiger.  I won him at a Sambos Restaurant as a kid.  He's called Big George because I named all my stuffed animals "George."  Over the years he's developed a bend in the neck.  Still, if I prop him up behind a chair, I don't have to go buy stuffing and sew it back into him.
Yeah, I can leave him like until later.
  • Remove Hotmail
    My old junkmail account was hacked a couple of times.  It's a pain in the butt for me to remember every new password I have to come up with, so I closed the account, and made a new one.  I still have to confirm it's off, though.  Hang on, I could just an email to my old account and see if it bounces.

    Hey, it worked!  I did something today!
And now, back to a day of goofing off.

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