Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Failed Meme

The picture above was my attempt to start a meme.  I got frustrated by all the people on Facebook posting jokes about others getting offended.  Shouldn't I be offended?  Should I be okay with jokes that suggest all women are stupid and hormonal?  Shouldn't I ignore it when someone posts a comment that Latino men smell bad?  Do I laugh when a dick comments that African-Americans are stupid or a picture depicting Muslims as suicide bombers?

Nope, I was here before you.  It still shocks me that people are such morons.

Well, I'm offnded by you being an offensive jerk and I made a picture to show it.  I expected it to go viral and make a big sensation.

But nobody shared my picture.  It didn't go "viral."  Here it is in its original form.
Yeah, not as good.
Whaddya think?  Too wordy?  It's certainly better than my first design.

Still too wordy?


Anonymous said...

you're doing it wrong. Thats not the way memes are created -____-

Matthew Kagle said...

Oh? Dew tell.