Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Failed Memes

In light of my previous failed attempts to take the internet by storm, you would think I would give up, pack it all in, let the Republicans run the asylum.  However, I just can't stop without a few more attempts.  Let me know what you think.

Attempt 1: Vegetarians
I really got sick of the old joke about vegetarians.  Here's my new "spin" on it.

Note: I was so positive this one would take off I added the URL to the bottom.
Attempt 2: Unlucky Charms
I saw Lucky Charms at the store and thought the tagline "They're Tragically Delicious" was funny.
 Dostoevsky ate these every morning.
Attempt 3: Android Marketplace
I don't have a joke here.  This is what the Facebook app does.
All apps should be required to tell the truth.
Attempt 4: Christian Science Monitor
Not really a meme, but I noticed this at the bottom of a quiz I was taking.  You mean where Ghandi's soul is, isn't a matter of opinion?  There are facts involved?  Cool beans!

Of course he's in Hell!  Where else do they serve Domino's Pizza?

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