Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Harry Potter Guy

My kids are listening to a book on tape-uh-DVD-uh-CD of The Hobbit.

By the way, does anyone else ever call it that?  Every time I try to talk about a book recording I call it a book on tape-uh-DVD-uh-CD.  When we get to the point where streaming is the dominant medium, I’ll try to call it a book on tape-uh-DVD-uh-CD-uh-downloooooaaaaaahhhh!
This must be what it's like for people born before the 70s to try to understand Android phones.

Listening to the disk (ahem) it reminded me of when I went to see the movie of “Fellowship of the Ring.”  There was a long line waiting to get into the movie, and one guy was walking around the waiting people giving all of us a hard time.  The first Harry Potter film was out at the same time, and this guy was a big fan.

He trash talked Lord of the Rings.  He stretched his white t-shirt out so everyone could see he had written “Harry Potter Rules!” on the front and “Lord of the Rings Drools!” on the back.  He got a group of kids to chant “Harry Potter!” over and over again.

It was annoying, but also kind of entertaining.
Much like a certain presidency.
When we got into the theater at last and took our seats, I was shocked to see Harry Potter Guy was there.  He had come along with a bunch of friends and was telling them all, loud enough for the packed audience to hear, how much better Harry Potter was.

Then the lights went down.  The movie played.  The lights came back up again.

“Harry Potter sucks!” he said.

The whole audience laughed.

“Hey, a guy can be wrong,” he said.

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