Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Super Mashup

I was thinking about this piece from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.  Batman retires for a decade or so and the Joker, not knowing what to do with himself, does nothing.  He becomes nearly catatonic until (as you guessed from the title) Batman comes back.

I thought: "What would happen if the Joker killed Batman?"

Of course, he'd immediately regret it.  Batman can exist without the Joker, but the Joker is nothing without the Batman.  Eventually, I think he'd come up with a solution.
The Bat Joke!
That, in turn, made me wonder about other heroes and their nemeses.

What if Doc Ock decided to really punish Spider Man by forcing him to live with the horror that he has to deal with every day (permanent extra robot arms)?
The Spiderpus!
And what if Captain America lost his shield and found that the only replacement available was in an old Nazi weapons lab (and paint doesn't stick to adamantium)?
Captain Skull!
And what if Superman got old and couldn't get good hair plugs (because his skin is too tough to graft to)?
Super Luthor!
I tried to do one for Wolverine and Sabertooth, but you couldn't tell the difference.  Worst.  Nemesis.  Ever.

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