Thursday, March 8, 2012

GDC 2012 Booth Babes

I've been going to the Game Developer's Conference for a long time and, when I tell guys that, they always ask me the same thing:
"Just how old are you?"
After that, they ask:
"How do you score with a spokesmodel?"
First of all, you have to call them "booth babes."  They like it when a guy says that.  It's classy.  Second, you have to remember that scoring a booth babe is the ultimate goal of every GDC attendee; there's a lot of competition.  However, you have a shot if you know the trick:
It's all in the pick-up line.
The booth babes are on their feet all day trying to shill their products.  If you can walk up and drop a good one-liner on them, you'll brighten their day and they'll instantly fall for you.
Here's some pictures of me as I dropped my best lines:

"Are you in the Spice Girls?  If so, I wanna get with your friends!"

"With those ears, I bet you could hear my heart leap when I saw you."

"Is your friend single?  No?  What about you? Is your friend single?"

"You studied dance?  I bet you could show me some nice moves!"
"That's a beautiful loincloth.  It'd look great on my floor!"

"They also call me Milk.  Because I do a body good!  Also, because people think I'm gay like Harvey Milk."

As you can see, the last one pinched my butt.  If that isn't progress, I don't know what is.

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