Monday, March 12, 2012

Fun With Freecycle: Undead Color Printer

This is my last color laser printer.  It served me well for many years.

I used to have a color ink jet printer that would drive me up the wall.  I’d spend hours meticulously cleaning the cartridges and printing test pages.  Then, when it came time to print, ink would spray out in all directions like a George Romero movie or John Romero video game.

This HP Color Laser 2550L was miraculous.  It never clogged or failed.  I bought it in 2005 and was surprised that the ink cartridges never ran out.  In late 2006, the lights that told me when to replace the cartridges lit up.  I decided to wait to make sure it wasn’t a mistake and that the cartridges would really run out of ink.

In 2007, I performed a mystical ceremony to make the lights turn off or the ink run out.  Nothing work.

In 2008, a team from the Vatican performed an exorcism on my printer.  One priest began vomiting pea soup (note to self, don’t eat at Fresh Choice before an exorcism), but the printer still printed and the lights stayed on.

In 2009, I took the printer to Las Vegas where professional gamblers assured me the lights were fine and gave me 100 to 1 odds the ink would run out in a month.  One month later I bought a new house.

In 2010, in a fit of desperation, I took the cartridges out and shook them.  The lights stayed on, and it kept printing.

In 2011, I broke down and bought new cartridges.  The lights turned off.

This printer is eternal.  The only reason I replaced it is the paper tray is broken.  If anyone out there knows how to fix it or has the extra tray, this would be a great printer for you.

Note: While I do provide the new ink cartridges and a power cord, you’ll have to get a cable to connect it to a computer.

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