Wednesday, March 21, 2012

About the Author

I've been working on a novel.  When I got to the part when I had to come up with an "About the Author" I realized a sad truth.

My life has been pretty dull. 

I decided that I would make up something more exciting than my life.  Every time I published a new novel, I'd write a tiny piece of fiction about myself.  Of course, I'd have to start with something bizarre and shocking.  However, when I showed it to an editor, her response to it was quite succinct.

"No.  Seriously."

Here's what I was going to write.  While it isn't very funny, I think the reaction it might have caused would have been frickin' hysterical.

Matthew lived in Iowa City, Iowa his entire life, eventually entering the University of Iowa and getting a degree in comparative religion.  After graduation, Matthew worked for twenty years as a tax consultant with H. & R. Block.  He married in April of 1998, and had three children.  

Matthew died of acute renal failure in June of 2009.  One year later, while his wife and children were cleaning files off of Matthew’s old laptop, they found fifteen unpublished novels he had written in secret.

Pinhole is the first of Matthew's novels to be published posthumously.

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