Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wonder Woman

My son is into superhero cartoons and wants me to watch them with him, so I started getting Justice League from Netflix.  It’s a well-made show, although a little silly and superficial in places.  I was enjoying it, but one thing confused me.

Since when did Wonder Woman fly?
Probably learned to fly just to get away from The Flash.

When I was a kid, I used to watch the old, live action Wonder Woman show with Lynda Carter.  Lynda’s powers were well defined: she was strong and fast.

And her outfit gave me some wild dreams.
She also had a tiara she could use as a boomerang, bracelets that let her deflect bullets, and a golden lasso that made you tell the truth when she wrapped you up in it.
Interesting trivia: the creator of Wonder Woman invented both the lie detector and BDSM.
Lynda didn’t fly, though.  She had an invisible jet.  You’d see her sitting in front of a blue sheet with clouds painted on it holding her arms up like she was flying a plane.
In retrospect, it looked pretty stupid.
You wonder how they came up with the invisible jet idea:

Director: So, we need Wonder Woman to fly around the world when she fights crime.  We’d like her to have some kind of futuristic jet.

Studio: I don’t know.  That sounds expensive.  We’d have to make a model because we haven’t invented computer animation yet.

Director: What if we made the plane invisible?  You know, a cloaking device like from that recent television show, Star Trek.

Studio: We’d still have to build a cockpit. What if the whole plane was invisible?

You have to wonder, though, how does she read the instruments?  I mean, say she’s flying in a fog and the radar says she’s about to crash into a mountain.  How would she know?  BOOM.  No more plane.

Maybe that’s why she gave up the invisible jet and started flying: too many mountains around her house.

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