Monday, February 27, 2012

Where Were You Guys?!

So, I post a blog entry about how I’ll always write five entries a week until I die.  Then I immediately disappear for a week, and…

Nobody notices.  No “Was that a joke?”  No “Man, I hope he offed himself!” Not even an “OMG, Wher iz he?”
No "Hey, there's a funny smell coming from his house?"

Of course, as I took approximately 100% of my regular readers with me on vacation, I shouldn’t be surprised.  Oh, yeah, I went on vacation.  Disney cruise in da house, bitchezz!!!
My ghetto-ship.
I can’t pull that off, can I?  I’m about as “street” as the British royal family.

I went on a week-long vacation with the majority of my extended family.  We did a four-night cruise on the Disney Magic and then another few days in Orlando.  This is my second Disney cruise and, now that I’m an expert on Disney cruises, I can give you the following advice:

Don’t go on a Disney cruise with your children.

The main draw on a Disney cruise is the childcare.  In the kids’ areas, they have movies and video games and crafts and a constant stream of activities.  It’s great fun, but there’s a 98% chance that your kids will refuse to go in.  Instead, they’ll insist on hanging out with you, and you’ll spend the whole trip wondering why you spent all that money on a cruise when the kids could be at home with a babysitter and you could be enjoying life.

This week, I plan on milking talking about the Disney cruise experience.  Normally, I’d post something funny each day, but nobody out there seems to care if I’m alive or not.


Adam said...

Oh, pshaw. Of course we care!

Matthew Kagle said...

No you don't! People who care post absurdly overblown messages of concern on other people's blogs!!!!