Monday, February 13, 2012

My Yelp Review

I posted twice on Friday, but (due to popular demand) am posting something short today.

My trainer asked me to write him a Yelp review.  This is what I wrote.

Before I met Daniel Tanori, my arms looked like Q-Tips.  I used to stand, shirtless, in front of the bathroom mirror and swing my arms forward and back, marveling that they didn’t just fall off.  A few years after I met my wife, she made me to join a gym and Daniel became my trainer.  A month and a half later, I was in front of the mirror again, but this time marveling at how my arms had changed.  I had biceps and shoulder muscles.  It was shocking and a tremendous ego boost.

Daniel is knowledgeable, personable, and enthusiastic.  His current facility on El Camino in Mountain View lacks showers and locker rooms, but is centrally located so you can quickly get home for a bath.

I recommend Daniel without hesitation.

This entire review is true.  I really did marvel at how creepy my arms looked.
Kinda like this, but less muscular.

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