Tuesday, January 17, 2012


One of the many problems with being a parent is that you have to admit you aren't a child.  Part of accepting you aren't a child is realizing that your parents won't be buying you presents anymore.  It doesn't matter how loud you scream and point in the store or if you threaten to hold your breath until you die, your kids get all the free stuff.  If you add lack of presents to the diaper changes and sleepless nights, it makes almost no sense at all to have children.

But I digress.  My parents recently bought the gift pictured above for my children while they were at the craft store.  It's a bunch of little icing decorations for a cake.  If you look closely, you can see that all of the letters are bits of internet slang.  I get most of these:
  • LOL= Laugh Out Loud 
  • ROTFL = Roll On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
  • BFF = Best Friends Forever
And so on.  However, I realized there was a problem.  Did you catch it?

What the heck does "BPB" stand for?
None of these seemed to work.  I asked Facebook friends and they came up with:
  • Big Puffy Booty
  • Best Pals with Benefits
  • Bitch, Put it Back
I have since decided to stop spending so much time on Facebook.  Still, I'm stumped.

Of course, it could mean "Be Right Back," but that would suggest that the fine people at Wilton had made a mistake and put a "P" where there should have been an "R;" that would make it less likely that they'll send me a letter of apology and free replacement. 

It could also mean "Been Posted Before," but that would mean they hadn't made a mistake and I would, once again, not be getting free stuff. 

Free stuff is like getting a present.


Rhonda said...

I went to the Wilton website and their graphic advertising this item also shows BPB. I still have no clue what they intended by it, however...

You can see for yourself...

Matthew Kagle said...

When will they ever learn?!