Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rejected Lego Monthly Mini Builds

Lego stores have these monthly events called "Mini Builds."  The basic idea is that, the first Tuesday of every month, your kid can build and take home a little Lego figure.  Yesterday, we stood in line for two hours to get our snake figures.  While we were doing the assembling, the employee helping us told me that the kit designs are submitted by kids.

Lego gets thousands of mini build kit ideas every month from around the world, and some anonymous employee has a site set up where he displays the rejected ideas.  Here are some of the more amusing ones (with the kid's submitted captions).

"Mommy and Daddy play dress-up at night."


"My sister broke hers off."


"Where all Daddy's dollar bills go."

"My teachers and me."

"Stomach contents."


Anonymous said...

Muppets rick roll?

Matthew Kagle said...

Made you look!!!