Monday, January 30, 2012

Lion Cut

We have two cats.  Both are giant, white fluffy cats known as "Ragdolls."  We bought one from a breeder (as mentioned in an earlier post), and the breeder threw in the mother for free since it was "Twofer Tuesday."  They have names, but my wife calls them both "Princess."  I think that nickname works well because, like most European princesses, they're horribly inbred.

"Iz you talking about me?"
They've been bred to be gentle, dumb and terribly fluffy.  Their hair gets everywhere.  Giant clouds of white fur drift across our floors and carpets. You can't get dressed without using a lint roller.  Their hair even choked our furnace to death. 

As much of a problem as their hair is for us, it's worse for them.  Their hair gets painfully tangled and matted, no matter how often we brush them or try to cut the knots out.  Eventually, we had to take them to a groomer.

Side note:  A sanitary trim for a cat, where they shave their gonads and anus is also called a "Kitty Brazilian."

After hours of work shaving out the knots, the groomer gave up and did what is known as a "Lion Cut."
"Iz it cold in heer?"
As much as I dislike cat hair, I gasped with shock when I saw them shaved for the first time.  To me, they look exactly like Sarah Jessica Parker in Mars Attacks.

Well, maybe if she was wearing thigh-high boots and had a pom-pon on her tail.
In other words, I recognize the head, but the body looks like it's on a rat.  On the plus side, I get a lot of enjoyment from pointing at them and laughing my head off.

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