Monday, January 2, 2012

Keeping Up With the Cardassians

There’s been a lot of confusion, so let me make this clear:
This is a Cardassian.

This is a Kardashian.

The Cardassians were a product of writers who worked for Gene Roddenberry.
The Kardashians were a product of a man who worked for O.J. Simpson.

The Cardassians are made to look ugly through appliance makeup.
The Kardashians look ugly through implants and makeup.
The Cardassians want to destroy all life on Earth.
The Kardashians are a sign there is no intelligent life on Earth.

The Cardassians were eventually destroyed through their own ambitions.

The Kardashians…. Well, here’s hoping!


Anonymous said...

now I know what I need to know.... thanks again for the illuminating, thought-provoking humor.... :-) Kb

Matthew Kagle said...

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