Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Insomnia Wins Again

Update: I finally got to sleep at 5:30.  The skunks sprayed my house at 6:40.  Then the kids woke up.

It is 3:30.
No, not 3:30 pm, the other kind.  The bad kind.  The "holy crap it's the middle of the night and I'm still not asleep" kind.
I don't know why I'm awake.
I know why I woke up, though.  I got about an hour's worth of sleep and then was woken up by the loud sound of one of my cats grooming herself.  Ever since our heating went out, we stopped locking the cats in the garage at night.  Now they periodically wake me by charging down the hallway, attacking toys, and walking on my head.  They did that a few times tonight.
Sometimes people insist I like our cats.  I just chuckle when they say that.
Still, none of this explains why I'm still awake.  I can usually get back to sleep without too much difficulty.  After all, I have a method.  Sadly, that method failed.
It is now 3:45.
I've tried to make myself useful during the night.  I took one child to pee.  I...  Um...  I wrote this blog entry!  Yeah.  And I chewed out some unthinking conservatives on Facebook!  And...
Okay, not so useful.  Of course, I could make lunches or clean the house, but that would wake everyone else up.  What else can I do?
It is now 4:00.
Man, tomorrow is going to suck.

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