Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fun With Freecycle: Adventure Bedrails

Way back in the mists of time (1979), Atari released a game called Adventure.  Adventure had several innovations.  It was the first graphic adventure.  It was the first console game with an inventory system.  It was the first game with an easter egg.

Now is your chance to own a piece of this timeless classic.  These queen-sized bedrails, when arranged properly, look like this:

Well, almost fully assembled.  I got lazy.
However, with a little adjustment, they look like this:

See it?!
Look familiar?  No?  Look again!
NOW do you see it?!
It’s the Magic Bridge and Sword from Adventure.

The Magic Bridge allowed you to cross through walls in the game.  The Sword killed dragons with a single touch (even if you left it on the ground or pulled it across a room with the Magnet).

"AAAH!  The giant duck dragon is sneaking up on me from behind!"
Did I mention I played this game a lot?

Who knows what these bedrails will do for you?  Take you into a new world?  Let into a bank’s vault?  Help you get to sleep?

The possibilities are endless!


Shoshanna said...

I would play this game so much. It was the first time I can actually account for my obsessive compulsive tendencies.
I got so good at solving the game that I would devise new challenges to make the game more interesting for me. For instance I had to solve the game while putting ALL the items in the castle without killing any dragons.
I ended up crashing the game a few times and I think it was when I got eaten by the red dragon while holding the chalice just as I entered the Castle room (with all the items in it). It caused me to get a flying tour of the entire game while inside the red dragon.
God I loved that game!

Matthew Kagle said...

For all those who want to enjoy the original: