Thursday, December 8, 2011

Search Terms 3

It’s time once again to look at the few meager search terms that people use to get to my site.  When I look at these terms I try to figure out if I can use them to change my site into something that gets more hits.

So, here’s what I got:

Elfquest Orgy
Jeez, I post one picture from the comic and suddenly I’m the “go to site” for elf sex.
I Can Write Funny: Your site for chicks with pointy ears?
Cool Lobby
That would be the front room of my house right now. 
 I really need that heater fixed.
Gold Coin Pile, Coin Pile, Pile of Gold Coins, Gold Coins Pile, Great Pile of Gold Coins (and on and on…)
Again, I post one picture and people go crazy.
I Can Write Funny: Your site for Felicia Day?
Explode Bikini
Hm.  Just soak it with gasoline and light it.
I Can Write Funny: Your site for burning junk.
I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I do have kids.  Peepee is pretty common in my life, but I don’t want to make I Can Write Funny a site of taking pictures of kids’ wet beds.

Cake Drugs
Okay, you need to be kept away from kids.

Julia Lewis
Not sure why you came here.  I mean, she’s a good actress, but I don’t talk about her much.  You think we could get Felicia Day in elf makeup to wrestle Julia Lewis on a pile of gold coins?
I Can Write Funny: Your site for obscure celebrity deathmatches.
Charlie Brown School
You want your kids to go to school to learn to be Charlie Brown?  Well, okay.
Or is that Caillou?
Children’s Book with Freddie
You want your kids to…  Well, okay.

You're a sick bastard.
 Ficus Benjamina Imagini
I Can Write Funny: Your site for obscure horticulture?  Monty Python jokes?
Funny Women and Work
No, what’s funny is that women try to work.  Like, they think they’re men or something.  Stupid chicks should stay at home and make babies.  Ahahahahaha!

I Can Write Funny: Your site for sexist remarks.
“Mars Needs moms” Interspecies
Ew.  No.  We’re already looking into elves and gold and Julia Lewis, not creepy aliens in bad cartoons.

About Bikinis
They’re these very small swim suits invented during the war to save on fabric.

Awesome Big Boobs Bikini
Well, any bikini with big boobs is awesome.

Boobs Naked
Oh, come on, give it up. I’m not making this a nudie site.

Boobs Women Sexy Tatto
Tatto?  Who’s Tatto?

Breast Implant Before and After In Clothing
Well, okay.

Any questions?

Broken Penis X Ray
Er, no. No. No.

Naked Keane Boobs
What?  No.  Look...
Here's Keane.
Here’s what she painted.
You really want to see either of those topless?

Orbital Skydive
I’m thinking you’d probably burn up on entering the atmosphere, but go for it. 
I Can Write Funny: Your site for idiots dying in funny ways.
Can I see the naked breast of my wife on computer as I am far from here
My guess is: no.  Hm.  “I Can Write Funny: Your site for DIY…”  No, I have no idea what you’re trying to do.

Albert Forn
Who is Albert Forn?  Is he related to Tatto?

Morals Tooth
Teeth have no morals.  Haven’t you noticed how often they bite your tongue or cheek?!

52 Day Animals
Uh, what?
I Can Write Funny: Your site for WTF?!
Hey, I kinda like that.

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