Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

Let me propose something radical.  Sure, we know that the ancient Mayans had an advanced civilization.  They survived the Spanish Conquistadores.  They had psychic powers far greater than any seen today.  Their knowledge of herbal medicine allowed them to cure diseases from the common cold to advanced forms of cancer.  They had rocket cars.  They colonized Mars.  They invented a machine that would have stopped George Lucas from creating the Star Wars prequels.

However maybe, just maybe, they were wrong when they suggested that the world will end in 2012.  If the world isn’t going to end, here are my resolutions:

Clear my end table
I know it sounds silly, but I have piles of reading on there, along with tons of free songs from Starbucks and Coke Rewards codes.  I really need to clear them all.
I'm pretty sure I have a copy of Game Developer magazine in there.
Study Flash programming
It’s time for me to pull my own weight on the game projects I’m working on.  Speaking of which…

Get my game released
Maid Max has got to get out this year.  It just has to.  Then I will be nice and rich.

Start a second novel
The next one is going to be a book for kids, so it shouldn’t be too hard.  Of course, I have to get my current novel finished first.

Do something crazy for my birthday
I do something wacky every year.  I’ll go into depth on this in a later post.

Do something not crazy for my birthday
I’d like to try the French Laundry.

Finish Flux Warden
A couple years back, I all but finished a text adventure.  Then I just stopped working on it.  I want to get those cutscenes done and get it out there.

If I’m wrong and the Mayans cancelled all their 2012 meeting dates for a good reason, here are my resolutions:

Build bomb shelter
Something big enough for a family of four.  Preferably in a good school district.

Buy food and water to last 40 years
Thanks Costco!

Convert all cash to gold Thanks Glenn Beck!
"You too can be a paranoid jackass like Glenn Beck!"
Learn to pray
Or, at least, figure out which god answers prayers.

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