Thursday, December 22, 2011

Heating and Air Conditioning, Part 4

I have a solution to America's budget crisis.

It's called "Find asbestos and stay away from your house for a day."  Think about it for a moment; if you couldn't stay in your home all day, what would you do?  You'd go buy things, that's what!  Here's what my children and I did for the nine hours we had to avoid our home while they yanked our asbestos out.

Tried the breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks.

Visited the Intel Museum.

Stared at the ultra-tech whiteboard at the Intel Museum (the rest of the museum was kinda boring).

Bought toys at the Intel Museum gift shop.

Attempted to take more pictures outside the Intel Museum, but found not all our models were cooperative.

"Oh, come on, SMILE!"

"Close enough.  SIGH."

Went to the mall and bought lunch and clothes.

Went to The Cheesecake Factory and bought cheesecake and cider.

Note: the children didn't eat their cheesecakes, a big bonus for dad. 

Went to the doctor and bought flu shots.  I mean, no, not a shot.  Never mind.  Hey, look over there!
All in all, I figure I added $1600 to the economy.  What if everyone had asbestos at the same time?  Imagine what that would do for our country!
Oh.  Right.

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