Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Generic Alternatives

When I was a kid, someone invented the idea of Generic Food.  Generic was a cheaper, frequently more disgusting, copy of a name-brand product.

I only assume generic was cheaper to make because they saved money on label ink.
Generic became very popular.  My home town even had a generic bus.  Then, one day, generic disappeared.  I was puzzled by its absence, then realized what happened.  They didn't go away; they just got sneakier.

I took these pictures a while ago while shopping in the Safeway cereal isle.

You wonder why Cocoa Puffs haven't sued.  I mean, the monkey is even in the same pose!
I experimented with "magic marshmallows" in the 60s.

On the surface, a frog is a grosser mascot than a toucan.  However, toucans only eat fruit, making their poops scary.  Only bird lovers know things like that, kids.

I think Apple Jacks were retaliating here.  "Can you spot the clone?  CAN YOU?!"

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