Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Et Tu Disney?

I used to have a great deal of respect for Walt Disney.  Sure, the man was an egotist who insisted that the company change its name from Disney Brothers Studio to Walt Disney Studio.  Sure, he strong-armed P.L. Travers, adding an anti-feminist message to the end of Mary Poppins.  Sure, he created sanitized, bland versions of fairy tales to the world.

No, wait, that's the wrong sleeping beauty.

Yes, I had references to all of these, but they were mysteriously removed from the internet a few weeks ago.

But he always treated birds well.
Seriously, this is as bad as it got.
You may have noticed that, throughout all of my DBIM postings, I never once mentioned a Disney movie.  Why?  Because, even when the bird is the bad guy, it never gets killed.

Well, not any more.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sleeping Beauty.
No, not that one!  The Disney one!
Title: Sleeping Beauty
Genre: Movie
Severity: 2 (one death +1 beloved pet)
Date: 1959
Description: An evil crow, the pet of the witch Maleficent, is turned into stone by one of the three good fairies before it can warn her owner of what the good guys are trying to do.
Mitigating Factors: None.
Aggravating Factors: The look of horror on Maleficent’s face as she sees what happened to her pet.

I am ashamed of you Mr. Disney.  Ashamed.  If you weren’t dead, I’m sure you’d feel my wrath.  As it is, I expect to get another cease and desist letter from your legal department in the next week or so.

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