Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Write a Novel Month

Sitting on my end table at this very minute are:
  • Two years of Game Developers Magazine
  • One year of Game Informer
  • Fundamentals of Game Design by Ernest Adams
  • Three years of free songs for iTunes from Starbucks
  • Twenty codes for My Coke Rewards
  • A black desk lamp from Pottery Barn
  • My notebook, which contains notes on:
    • Maid Max Cleans Up Haunted House Hill, the game I’m trying to get out this upcoming year.
    • Arrival, a game I developed for another company and am trying to help finish.
    • Flux Warden, a text adventure I coded myself but never managed to finish.
What do all of these items have in common?  They’re all reasons I’m not writing a novel for National Write a Novel Month. 

Well, okay, not the lamp.  The lamp isn’t a task, although I’m now having this sinking feeling it’s sitting on top of some horrific task I have to finish.
Or, it could be on something worse.
I’m disappointed I’m not starting a new novel.  I was planning on doing one a year.  Last year at this time, I started work on a novel called Pinhole, which I loved writing.  I wrote the first draft (about 60 thousand words) from November to January.  I wrote the second draft (another 40 thousand) from February to…

Well, I’m still not really done.  I have to write an appendix and my completely fascinating About the Author.
Dos Equis is using excerpts from my About the Author for their ad campaign.
No, honest, my life was really fascinating. I used to teach shark wrestling and was best friends with Jimmy Carter.  I was abducted by aliens who refused to probe me because my butt was too cute.  HONEST!  FASCINATING!

I also have to read Pinhole to my wife, who is the last arbiter of quality; unfortunately, she keeps falling asleep while I read my book to her.  Is that a bad sign?
"'Then I realized the paint on the wall was almost dry..'  Honey?  Did you get that last part?"
Anyhoo, the point is that, even though I picked out a novel to write this time and started to do an outline, I’m going to skip this year.  Next year, though, that Pulitzer is totally mine.


Morris West Montana said...

But this year it will be all mine! Mwahahaha!

M. A. Kagle said...

What are you writing?

Morris West Montana said...

I'm working on a fantasy; last year I did a more realisticish science fiction... this year I wanted to go all out in a fantasy world. Now stop distracting me!

M. A. Kagle said...

Am I bothering you now? What about now? I'm not touching you!!! I'm not touching you!!!