Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tailchaser’s Song

I can’t let things go.  Some event happens to me and, decades later, I’m still hung up on it.  I’m also obsessed with my inactions.  My Netflix queue is almost four hundred movies long because it’s filled with all the movies I never saw.  It would be longer, but I must have forgotten about some of them.

Can you forget something you never remembered to do in the first place?  Sorry, did I just blow your mind?
Also, I'm lying to you now.
My trying to do all the things I never got around to doing isn’t limited to Netflix.  I also have a long list of books I never read.  In college, I was given all semester to read Middlemarch.  Fifteen years later, I finally read it.  What?  I was BUSY.
Not to mention the queue of women I never went out with.
What did I learn?  Never try to accomplish anything in life.  You never succeed.

One of the other books I ended up reading out of inaction-guilt was Tailchaser’s Song.  Tailchaser’s Song is in the same genre as Watership Down (talking animals with their own culture) but not nearly as good. 

No, seriously, it’s just not as good as Watership Down.  Why?  Because it’s about cats.  Cats are inherently unlikable.
Here's a scene from Watership Down.  See?  Much more lovable.
While Watership Down spoke about the constant struggle to stay alive in a world filled with monsters, Tailchaser’s Song speaks about how fun it is to tear apart smaller creatures.  It’s kind of like Nightmare on Elm Street from the point of view of Freddy Krueger.
Awww.  Who's my snoogie woogie little kitten?
Still, as horrific as the book is, someone decided to make it into a movie.  Here’s a link to some of the concept art.

Oh, and of course, since we’re talking about cats, they have to kill a few birds along the way.  So, here’s the DBIM entry for Tailchaser’s Song.  Someone else will have to watch the movie and do an entry on that for me.  I have three hundred movies to catch up on this week.

Title: Tailchaser’s Song
Genre: Book
Severity: 4 (large number of deaths + 1 eaten)
Date: 1985
Description: A cat is said to have killed nine birds with one swipe.  A bird is killed and eaten.  Birds are shown as being on a giant pile of dying animals.
Mitigating Factors: None.
Aggravating Factors: None.

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